My name is Stephen Olson. I enjoy drawing, jokes, professional basketball and the occult.
I am available for freelance and full-time employment opportunities.
Do you have the other half of this amulet?:
The Lifestyle

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    • RT : Sure I missed the boat on Bitcoin, but at least I made fun of it and called people stupid for using it.
    • People really hate Charles Manson huh?
    • Surprised there isn't a found-footage horror show on Netflix yet? Or is there? They have a lot of stuff.
    • RT : Good riddance to Charles Manson. That filthy hippy and his drugged out antics made all murder cults look bad.
    • RT : The DEBUT of a NEW column by - exploring the aesthetic conservatism of comics readers. The lineage of Kirby;…
    • I really regret not drafting Embiid with my first pick.

This site is where you can find my illustration and design work. I also write words and place pictures at What’s A Good Website?. You can see photos I took on Unnatural Casts. I put pictures I find online on Team Assignment. I’m in a band called Bulldozier (this is our Soundcloud), and used to be in a band called Stars As Eyes.